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Walt Disney World introduced Seasonal Tiered Pricing to their parks in 2016. This was a brand new concept to their ticketing process and had to be incorporated into the ticketing interface in a transparent way while keeping the purchase process as simple and as clear as possible. The business goal was to maximize revenue on peak days, and reduce park attendance on peak days by giving the guests an incentive of a lower price on non-peak days.

As part of a small team of UX and Visual designers, I was one of the Lead Interaction / UX Designers on this high priority project that was under strict and accelerated time constraints. Using research, user testing, and many business and legal requirements, our design process had an extensive amount of iterations and reviews to get this process implemented before the deadline.


Design a new system for purchasing single and multi-day tickets for Walt Disney World and Disneyland using a seasonal pricing structure without disrupting the current ticketing process
• Introduce the concept of seasonal and tiered pricing to the existing ticket purchase flow
• Ensure the existing ticketing flow would be aware of the seasonal limitations, and not be disrupted
• Show the guest extra savings by visiting the park on non-peak days


• Created a new interaction pattern to introduce the tiered listing, pricing, and selection process
• Implemented a simple UI for the selection of days, calendar date, and ticket options
• Developed a responsive framework for the ticketing to work consistently across the Mobile App, Mobile Web, and Desktop

The examples shown are a small sample of the final work that involved designing for single vs multi-day flows, resident vs nonresident flows, as well as combinations, options, and pricing involved with all of the above.


Co-Lead Interaction Designer working with a large Design team
This project was introduced to the entire Design team with a very tight time frame. The implementation of the new pricing structure was critical and became an all hands on deck situation. I worked with a team of Senior Interaction Designers, along with support from other designers to get the project done on time.

• Co-Lead the UX Design for various segments of this project
• Developed the strategy and design options with a team of Senior Designers
• Oversaw the work of other designers concerning prototypes and design deliverables

Interaction Design  |  UX/UI Design  |  Wireframes  |  User Flows


Mobile App  |  Mobile Web  |  Desktop Mac & PC


2015 - 2016


Many concepts were explored to display the new ticketing tiers and the dates they represented. This proved to be a difficult challenge to give the user a clear presentation of their options without information overload.

These are a few of the wireframes, flows, and UI explorations I designed.

Design elements we had to consider were:
• Text size, colors, and placement
• Various UI elements size, colors, and placement
• Calendar visual and interaction design
• Pricing explanation
• Number of tickets and park options
• Resident vs Nonresident ticket pricing and flows

Mobile Web Single-Day Ticket Wireframes
Wireframes showing all conditional screens for the Mobile Web flow
Click image for larger view

Mobile Web Multi-Day Ticket Wireframes - Florida Resident Flows
Wireframes showing all conditional screens for the Mobile Web flow
Click image for larger view

Number of Tickets and Pricing - UI Variations
Examples of UI explorations for presenting the number of tickets and the price per ticket

Calendar Explorations - UI Variations
Early treatments for presenting the calendar, various tiers, and pricing
Click image for larger view


Mobile Web Prototype for Single-Day Ticket Purchase Selection
A tour through the final mobile ticket selection process
Click play on the video for a screen recording

Ticket Purchase Landing Page - Desktop and Mobile Web
Final Ticket landing pages - UX and UI were consistent across platforms giving a seamless experience for the user
Click image for larger view

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