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I was the Lead Interaction Designer for this multimillion-dollar project which was one of the highest priority projects for Disney Parks, Experiences and Products that year. This was a major project that took one year to complete the design process.

The project's goal was to improve the overall online trip planning experience for the guests of Walt Disney World. Guest were encountering confusion navigating the many separate trip planning sections online. Because of this, a major problem arose where guests were inadvertently creating duplicate accounts for their travel party. This ultimately caused scheduling and ticketing problems when they reached the park - not the first impression Disney wanted for their guests.


Reinvent the online trip planning process by combining all separate trip planning sections into one
• Develop a new UX and UI approach to the current Account, Reservations, and Itinerary experiences
• Help the user recognize the issue of creating duplicate accounts before they travel to Walt Disney World
• Align the Visual Design, copy, and UX functionality across Desktop and Mobile
• Create a new visual look to tie closely to the Mobile app UI


• Provided an all-inclusive dashboard that presents all trip related information in one place
• Introduced a “Hub” experience so all interactions bring user back to the home page
• Developed a better Trip Planning Tool that showed your planning progress
• Visual indication of guest's having duplicate accounts, planning issues, or other potential problems
• Eliminated all redundancy within the Itinerary, Reservations and Ticketing sections
• Created a new and simplified UI for a clearer display of all information
• Aligned all functions consistently across Desktop and Mobile platforms

* After the launch of this new design, Customer Service saw a massive drop in calls around account management


Co-Lead Interaction Designer with a focus on UX and overall structure
• Lead the UX Design for the entire project, from concept to completion, across Desktop and Mobile Web platforms
• Presented and defended design concepts to Executive VPs and Design leadership
• Worked with usability researchers in the development of an in-depth user test at Walt Disney World
• Assigned and oversaw work of other designers

Interaction Design  |  UX/UI Design  |  IA  |  Wireframes  |  User Flows  |  User Testing


Mobile App  |  Mobile Web  |  Desktop Mac & PC


2015 - 2016


BEFORE VIEW - Original Trip Planning Sections
The original separate planning sections that were in different areas of

Trip planning sections were disjointed and separate without consistent copy or functionality


Early Whiteboard Sessions
A small sample of whiteboard sessions in creating a new one-page trip-planning experience

Organization of the various sections was a key factor in making sure the user wasn't overloaded with information.
Issues we were trying to address were:
• How will this interact with Account settings?
• How to combine these separate sections?
• Could this actually work as a 1 page / Hub experience?
• Can the UI be simplified?
• Will Engineering accept this functionality?

Early Wireframes - Desktop and Mobile Web
Initial wireframe concepts for the trip-planning home page/dashboard

I designed many concepts to find the best way to combine all of the information and provide the best user experience.
Issues I considered were:
• Desktop and Mobile Web platforms would be aligned
• The Travel Party, Duplicate Accounts, Itinerary, and Ticket Assignment sections had to be clear and organized for the user
• Introduced a planning status indicator to further help the user

Click image for larger view

Early Wireframes - Mobile App
I worked with the Mobile App team in Seattle to ensure my design would work within their design structure
Click image for larger view

User Flow Scenarios
Use cases and how to display relevant information based on many variables and conditionals

The overall concept came together as I started to finalize a layout. Approval of this layout was based on:
• Exploring all possible user flows and conditionals to make sure this would be functional
• Engineering approved the functionality and layout
   * This was a major and complicated effort for the development team due to a lot of legacy code
• Executive VPs and Design leadership approved the new direction

Click image for larger view

Final Wireframe
Final Dashboard Wireframe

The overall concept came together as I finalized the layout. This was now ready to be user tested.

Click image for larger view


User Testing - Trip Planning Dashboard
High-fidelity mocks of the trip planning experience were made to test users at Walt Disney World

Images and color were added to the final wireframes to create high-fidelity mocks for testing.
I worked with UX researchers in creating tasks, questions, and all screen scenarios for the in-person tests.

Test Results
The tests were successful with very positive feedback. All features and functionality were easily understood, and the main issue of duplicate accounts was clearly identified by the users. This was a great result.


FINAL DESIGN - Trip Planning Home Page - Desktop and Mobile Web
Final design of the home page which displays all necessary trip information for the user on one page

The final layout was designed into three distinct sections for the user:
Planning Tool - Status indicator that included 5 core items for the user to build a successful vacation. This would highlight planning milestones, suggestions, and next steps the user should take in their planning.
Planning Overview - Auto-grouped automatically once plans are made, this shows who is in the travel party and what entitlements are assigned to each individual of the party.
Itinerary & Tickets - This section consolidated three separate sections into a single section. It serves as the start and end point to planning providing a Hub experience.

Click image for larger view

Planning Tool - No Plans (Zero State) - Desktop and Mobile Web
The planning tool in it's beginning state showing no plans have been made

When the user opened this page, blue circles would dynamically fill in showing the progress they have made in their planning - this would reinforce to the user the need to complete all sections.
Click image for larger view

Planning Tool Hover States (all variables exposed) - Desktop
Various conditionals, suggestions, and calls to action are shown depending on the status of each section for the user
Click image for larger view

Travel Party Overview and Entitlements Section - Desktop
Visual display of he user's travel party and their entitlements - second example reveals the problem of a duplicate account
Click image for larger view

Itinerary Section Detail - Desktop
Different itinerary types were needed to show specific information pertaining to each category
Click image for larger view

Tickets Section Detail - Desktop
Ticket information for each individual in the travel party with the ability to reassign tickets
Click image for larger view

Improved MDX (My Disney Experience) Navigation - Desktop and Mobile Web
Reorganizing the navigation was part of the overall improvements and simplification for the user
Click image for larger view

FINAL DESIGN EXPANDED VIEW - Trip Planning Home Page - Desktop and Mobile Web
Final design of the home page with all sections open for a full trip view
Click image for larger view

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JASON SIMONS  -  Lead Product Designer | Design Manager