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For the highly publicized 2008 NBC series My Own Worst Enemy, the show concept revolved around the main character (played by Christian Slater) whose split personality enabled him to live two separate lives - one as a spy, and one as regular family man. I created a detailed website design to reflect the show's concept of duality and created many features highlighting the spy nature of the show.

I initially created a detailed Flash preview site the summer before the fall premiere to promote the show. The site's objective was to introduce the concept and characters of the show, view promotional video clips, engage the user through the site's interaction, and promote Chevy as the sponsor. This interactive site had two "sides" to it that demonstrated the two separate lives of the main character - Edward (spy), and Henry (family man).

Additionally, during the show's production, I designed flash websites for fake companies used as a front in the show, as well as secret files that the user could discover through social promotion.


Design a flash preview site, full website, and interactive features to gain and keep interest in the show and its concept.


• Developed an interactive flash site to introduce the show's concept of duality, and generate interest in the show before the premiere.
• Created a website to reflect the show's spy tone and concept
• Designed interactive features (fake company sites, secret files) for viewers to discover online through commercials and social promotion.


Art Direction  |  Visual Design  |  UX/UI Design  |  Flash Design


Desktop Mac & PC



My Own Worst Enemy Flash Preview Site
click play on the video for a screen recording

Flash Preview Site - Side by Side Screens of Edward & Henry
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Show Site Home Page
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Show Site Cast / Character Bio Page
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Flash Interactive Feature - Secret Dossier
click image for large view

Flash Interactive Feature - Fake Company Website - Portal to Secret Dossiers
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