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For the highly anticipated NBC premiere of The Playboy Club show in 2011, I had the challenge of creating a site design that incorporated the sexy nature of the characters, content and atmosphere of the show.

With very little source material, I created three heavily composited original design concepts - each focusing on the main characters in a distinctly different environment and layout. The options were a suggestive club scene with a frosted glass motif, a 60s design pattern used by the Playboy Clubs of the day, and an exterior club setting. The design chosen for the site was the frosted glass version. Also shown are some site features I designed promoting classic Playboy material including a Flash timeline and an interactive Bunny Manual.

Side note: I was personally happy to work on this project since I worked for Playboy prior to working for NBC.


With minimal source material, create an intriguing look for the website to reflect the timeframe and sexy nature of the show.


• Designed 3 very detailed site concepts for the show.
• Used heavy Photoshop compositing to create intricate design details for the site concepts.
• Created interactive flash and web features to give perspective on Playboy's history and its clubs.


Art Direction  |  Visual Design  |  UX/UI Design  |  Flash Design


Desktop Mac & PC



Home Page
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Home Page - Design Detail
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Bio Page
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Alternate Home Page Concept #2
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Alternate Home Page Concept #3
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Flash Interactive Timeline
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Microsite based on the original Bunny Manual
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JASON SIMONS  -  Lead Product Designer | Design Manager